Blog or web log is one of the biggest 1900s inventions, which has made a considerable impact on the Internet in both entertainment and business field. Some people can use it for personal purposes, such as online diary, opinions or experience sharing. It is one of the most elementary forms of a website, where you build and share content with all people who have the Internet connection. After a period of revolution, blog has evolved and become more edgy. It is not just for simple text paragraph or photos but people are using it with multimedia content. Beside the noncommercial purposes, some people also use it for business and earn money. In this case, blog can still help you with no need of sophisticated website.   

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Hosting is considered as a backbone of a website. Even though your house is small or big, you still need a strong base. Cleaning mess or fixing problems is never a good experience. Movi to a new house when your current one cannot satisfy your requirement anymore would also result in headache issues. Troubles related to privacy, downtime or speed can cost you a great deal of money, time and effort. "It is the first step that costs". Therefore, you should make a second thought on the website hosting decision.


Virtual private server or VPS in short is one of the most common hosting server together with shared hosting and dedicated server. Difference in demand and website requirement leads to different hosting server choice. For those who have no basic understanding about different hosting plan, please read our previous blog post here: High cost of wrong hosting plan choice. Or you can get summary points as following:


In the series of previous blog, we have shared with you VPSTrust’s points of view about Free and Premium Website Hosting. Whether you should choose free or paid plan depends on some specific criteria. Do not overestimate or overlook the function of each plan. Careful consideration can help you save much money, especially when it comes to SAAS (service as a software) model. It means it is a fixed cost in your monthly financial plan.


Sometimes you may need to move from a server to another new one, even though it is really uncomfortable work. The reasons are various ranging from active to inactive root. They can be related to your providers or your business growth.

A wrong decision about website hosting provider can lead you to this dilemma. They may break promise and cannot offer you with high security and fast loading speed hosting. Therefore, you must move your house to another better one.

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