Shared hosting is one of top 3 most popular server hosting choices together with Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server. In consideration of financial ability and website requirement, users may find the most suitable plan for them among many hosting service providers all around the world. In the order of features and capacity, Shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated server is accordingly chosen basing on some parameters such as RAM, Web space, Bandwidth or the number of admin account and support guarantee.

It always comes at the first thought that quality must be equivalent to price. If they charge you at the low cost, you should not trust their product or service performance. There are a great number of customers being scared of cheap prices. Product value is unconsciously assessed in conjunction with  its cost. Sometimes, it becomes a sign for quality judgement rather its own functional attributes.

Those behavior happens in hosting industry as well. Server or management service choice is so important that it requires very careful consideration. A wrong decision certainly leads to website security damage, privacy information leakage, downtime then profit impairment. All those serious consequence are the reasons why website administrators or developers must think twice before making subscription decision.


I have shared with you about the importance of website uptime and fast speed in the previous blog: 05 Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Website. The survey from The Lifecycle Approach Brings IT and Business Together teaches us that website performance can affect our revenue up to 9%. Besides, I personally believe that for some businesses, which uses website as a main source or platform of sales conversion, the impact would be much higher. It means that just some downtime seconds may result in large revenue loss.

Speed gradually and constantly becomes too important in our such modern life. Everything moves quite fast, and subsequently people requires swift reaction. They need brisk response of almost elements, ranging from people to machine. Almost do not want to wait. Patience turns into something luxury in this current life. Then the fact has an enormous effect on digital environment as well, even with the greater intense.


E-commerce website means selling and buying transaction carried on website. Money paying decision happens right in digital environment. For some other types, website can serve a function of branding, information provision or news update, therefore their mission are not as serious as an e-commerce one. Convincing information display, fast loading speed, convenient checkout process, high security for payment, and many other small but important duties must be optimized constantly through the time to reduce abandonment rate. Hence e-commerce website is always a big challenge with all parties, including website developer, website design and system admin.


Last month, VPSTrust shared with you Top 5 FREE plugins for your website security. The article will be much useful for those who are using Wordpress CMS. Besides, Joomla! is also one of the most popular CMS in the world. I have shared with VPSTrust blog readers that Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a balance choice between Shared Host and Dedicated Server for its capability and requirement. Similar, Joomla can be considered as a CMS in between Wordpress and advanced Drupal. If you want to find a CMS, which is both comprehensive and unsophisticated, let’s take Joomla into account.


Amazon is well propositioned in customers mind as a giant guys in e-commerce field in general or online book seller in particular. However, there is a trend for almost international companies to be grow as a multidisciplinary company, which operates in many industries. The stated trend is also true with Amazon. Even though they are famous for e-commerce platform, the giant participated in cloud hosting market in 2006.

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