If you want to find a website hosting plan that can help you totally feel worry-free from downtime, we will advise on dedicated server. If you seek for a hosting plan that is the most powerful server, we will advise on dedicated server. If privacy is your prerequisite criteria when choosing hosting plan, we will advise on dedicated server. But if you are not financially capable, please stop taking dedicated server into consideration.


In the previous blog posts, VPSTrust shared with you about the difference between Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server. Among those options, dedicated server is certainly the most powerful one for speed performance, security level and complete control and access to memory, software, CPU, storage and bandwidth. You are free to install and configure any softwares. However, its price can become a problem for small business. Besides, websites with small amount of traffic and feature requirement will not leverage its what it can offer.

web host dedicated server

So please keep in mind this advice: Choose hosting server basing on your demand. If you find out that you need those 3 following attributes, let’s choose Dedicated Server. Just because you need it.


1. Performance and Security

Website speed and security are top two most concerned issues of all administrators when choosing a hosting plan. For dedicated server, you share your house with no other people, which helps accelerate speeds, leads to stability and protects your data from potential spammers or hackers. It is especially beneficial for the companies who handle sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

Dedicated server

With shared hosting, it seems that you put your keys into other people’s hand. Therefore, just a mistake caused by the unknown man who shares the same server with you may take a toll on your website. The possibility for this accident is not too low and it can happen at any times that you are not aware of. No worry about traffic spike or other user errors, those are the outstanding advantages of dedicated server.

It is highly recommended for ecommerce website, which includes private information for transaction.


2. Unique IP Address

It is the era of “Google”, people google everything to fulfill their demand, to find an answers, read product reviews or make purchasing decision. Hence search engine optimization or SEO in short becomes more and more important in digital marketing strategy. You may need to implement many tactics to get high rank in search engine result pages. But do you know that your web hosting choice can make a large impact on SEO activity?

If you share your IP address with other websites and unfortunately your house-mate is a spam site or an adult site, your website rank will absolutely be affected.


3. Flexibility

With dedicated server, you are able to fully customize your server, adjust CPU, disk space, software, RAM and install any kinds of applications. A shared host doesn’t allow you to do so, it eliminate the features because you work with the server environment already loaded on the server. Virtual Private Server can also do this job but just a limited level. If your customization demand is humble, you can choose VPS for saving. But if you want to fully customize it, no plan rather than dedicated server can help you. Even taking performance and traffic out of the consideration, many users still choose or switch to dedicated server so that they can be free to work on their own server.


Performance, security, unique IP address and flexibility are top advantages of dedicated server. They are also top purchasing factors you should take into account when choosing hosting plan.

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