You may think that hackers just keep their eyes on valuable websites, from which they can steal money or data. Some other unoccupied hackers may attack and impair the reputation of some websites, which are famous and prestigious. You are small and medium entrepreneurs so it is unnecessary to bother about hackers. Nothing is valuable and attractive for them. Or you also may think that they even do not know about you. Totally wrong! It is one of the most dangerous and common thoughts about security. The speculation leads to a great number of accidents for small business.

According to a recent research, almost issues related to website security is not for the motive of data violation but for using your server space, serving illegal files or setting up a temporary website. For more serious cause, your customers’ credit card information can be leaked out and the liability belongs to you basing on the usual terms and conditions. In reality, they are invisible, fast and dangerous. Until when you have protection system, you cannot see them. Or you may see them when awful outcomes occur.

Therefore, it is essential for all types of website to setup and ensure security system. Hereafter, VPSTrust shares with you dead-easy tips to protect your website and clear out your concerns.


1. High security Password


People always underestimate the power of small and simple actions. All know that complex passwords are more secured but just a few do that. Sophisticated passwords of server and administrator area are crucial. Strong passwords of even your website users are important as well.

In good manner, you should find a method hashing algorithm and store you password as encrypted values. If you still want to enhance the security, using a new salt for each password can be considered.


2. Stay up to date

Procrastination or laziness can be the reason for hacking threat. Each new version of server operating system or software is released to fix bugs and tighten security power. Ignorance may create changes for hackers to abuse the holes and start doing harm to your website.

For those who are not using Management service of hosting server providers, you should keep it in mind, take notice of CMS notification about their latest updates and take timely action. In case, you use a management hosting server solution, expert team of your hosting provider will take care of security updates for your operating system. VPSTrust is well-recognized in the market as one of the top Managed VPS Hosting Provider. Fast assess, high security and lowest management server price are their preferable features.


3. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

web strong security

Standing for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ‘Secure’, HTTPS has security advantage over HTTP.

For those website using HTTPS, the computers make agreement on a kind of code, which scramble a message unreadable. The stated code keeps your website information and data safe and secured. For some website that need to deliver private information, such as credit card, money transaction or credential documents, HTTPS is highly recommended.

Besides HTTPS, VPSTrust also decided to offer free SSL certificates to VPS and ROOT servers customers to ensure that security is always to top priority.


4. High security hosting server

It can be seen as one of the most basic but efficient way to strengthen website security. One of the main feature that you can see in advertising of almost hosting provider is about security. Even though it is their promise and main duty when charging you, some show poor performance but some really do a good job. If you want to ensure high level of security, choose providers that can prove their capability. Hereafter are some criteria you should take into account when making choice: RAID, Secure Datacenter, Uptime, Back-up and Manual Reboot. They are basic characteristics to ensure your website security.

Besides, hosting plan choice also affects the security. Shared hosting is not safe as the others, namely VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server because you are using the same house with many others. If one site is hacked, it is too easy to bring in infection spreading. For the reason why you should use Virtual Private Server, please refer to the sharing: It’s time to move from shared hosting to managed VPS

web hosting plan

Therefore, choosing the best secure web hosting and using VPS hosting or Dedicated server will be good for you.

VPSTrust is one of the most prestigious provider in VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server. We ensure high security, 99,99% uptime and many other features. In case, you are on demand for a secured website, please contact with our sales team 24/7/365. We are always here to help you and improve website security.


If you want to save time and effort on security improvement, feel free to contact VPSTrust team for support service. We are provide a wide range of web service to help customers focus on their business growth. Find more information about VPSTrust Web Service here.

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