Joomla is widely recognized as one of the most popular free and open source content management systems (CMS), which connects your website to MySQL, MySQLi or PostgreSQL database. Since 2005, it has been constantly improved with thousands of new version and great improvement in function and features. In comparison with other CMS in the market, Joomla is appraised for its content-friendly and capability to serve dynamic purposes. No matter what kind of website you are planning about, Joomla can deal with it up to your high extent. E-commerce website with high security and complex functions, simple blog with SEO features or branding website. A solid base and framework enables you to build everything from scratch.

Joomla is absolute free, easy to learn and install, therefore, it is common in use. From the beginning, it is developed for high level of flexibility, which helps you to grow your website without any difficulties. So if you have intention to choose Joomla as an CMS for your website, firstly, you should consider a good website hosting, which is built and optimized for Joomla.


Joomla Compatibility

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It is essential to ensure that your hosting is compatible with Joomla. Furthermore, choosing a Joomla hosting server that provides you with the most updated version of Joomla almost promptly with its release time. As I mentioned before, Joomla always releases new versions for bug fixes or improvement. That is the reason why your host should be compatible with the latest version. Joomla runs in server that houses: PHP 5.3.10 + (5.4 + recommended); MySQL 5.1 + (5.1 + recommended); Apache 2.x + (2.x + recommended).

Please keep in mind, it still works even without latest version compatibility however, no one can assure about security and stability problem.


Browser Requirement

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Internet Explorer 9 +, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera are the most popular browser now. When you build a website with Joomla and choose a Joomla Hosting Server, your website hosting should satisfy this Joomla technical requirements on browser as well.

Multiple Databases

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Because Joomla is data-driven therefore it has some database requirement for your website to run on server. Specifically, hosting server must be equipped with more than one database. Put it into another way, it should work with multiple databases so that you have enough space to run Joomla and other applications up to your demand and growth possibility in the future. MySQL and MariaDB are two best database engines for Joomla website.

Unlimited Domain

It is more saving and efficient for you to have more than one domain in your account. Multiple domain may be on demand in the future when you want to expand your business with some more related websites. In this case, a hosting provider which supports additional domain will be the best choice. Instead of finding another new hosting company and paying more, you can still work with your current one. A single management account is also easier for administration work.  

Reliable infrastructure

Even though Joomla is a lightweight CMS, you still need a reliable web hosting which is not only capable but also optimized for Joomla. It helps your website run stable and perform well. Just some down second may cost you a great sum of money.


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