I have shared with you about the importance of website uptime and fast speed in the previous blog: 05 Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Website. The survey from The Lifecycle Approach Brings IT and Business Together teaches us that website performance can affect our revenue up to 9%. Besides, I personally believe that for some businesses, which uses website as a main source or platform of sales conversion, the impact would be much higher. It means that just some downtime seconds may result in large revenue loss.


For mentioned tremendous effects, you should well prepared to ensure uptime of the website. Let’s start with some basic tips with solid website infrastructure, which includes web hosting. Advices to accelerate your website speed just can work when you accomplish to building a firm base for it.

Firstly, please ensure that you choose a suitable and good enough hosting server plan. Be careful with Shared Hosting, because you have to share room with many many others, which may cause downtime or speed impeding. Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server are more safe choices.


Afterwards, you should take uptime monitor software into accounts. Here in this article, VPSTrust will reveal with you top - best - free uptime monitor software in 2017.


1. Uptime Robot

Uptime web monitoring Robot

Uptime Robot has both free and premium version. If you do not have too high requirement, you can enjoy the free version with 50 monitors (use for 50 websites) and 05 minute-interval of monitoring. You will get alarming notification right after any signals of downtime are diagnosed. The software of free version will perform this task each 5 minute. In case, you want to enjoy more professional features such as SMS notification or shorter monitoring interval, the premium version is already available for your choice. Until this time, there have been approximately 400,000 users in the world.


2. Statuscake

Uptime web too status cake

Statuscake promises fast alarming time, locally check with global network. For the free version you can have unlimited monitors and alerts. Similar to Uptime Robot, their interval check time is 5 minute and they monitor all HTTP, TCP, Ping and SMTP. For the alarming function, they provide many approaches, such as Twitter, Slack, Email, etc. All are well designed to let you know about website problem as soon as possible. They also have Superior, Business and Enterprise Plan for those who need more rich features.



3. Host-Tracker.com

Uptime website host tracker

Host-Tracker has 30 day free trial and permanent free package. Host-Tracker is well reviewed for user-friendliness. All you need to do to use the service is really simple, just provide them of your contact then they will keep you updated about your website uptime statistics and downtime alert. The provider owns a large monitoring network on all continents. It is their core competency to check the website performance in many specific locations in the world. You can have Free trial plan with 100 monitors and each 1-minute check time.


In conclusion:

Above are top 3 free uptime monitoring software of 2017, but please keep in mind that those software just can support you in monitoring. The best solution must be solid website infrastructure.


Do not need to care more about website uptime anymore with VPSTrust website and hosting management service. We are providing a wide range of services related hosting management, which includes server monitoring. Save time and money with our best offer ever. Find more information here.




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