Don’t underestimate the importance of website hosting! It is the first warning that I want to give you. Some people tend to oversee the essentiality of a good and suitable hosting server. They will jump at the effort of building a website with user-friendly UX/ UI and equipped it with powerful features. You may know that a good house requires a solid base. When it comes to a website, it still stays definitely true! Website is somehow similar to your house. If your foundation is not powerfully built enough, it will be less likely for you to expand or scale it up and empower it with more features.

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Therefore, website hosting is one of the most important decision that requires careful consideration. It helps you to find out a prestigious hosting provider which can offer quality stable service with an affordable price. In this blog post, VPSTrust will share with you the secret to choose the best hosting providers for a Wordpress website.

Wordpress is the most popular CMS in the world so far. According to a statistics in 2016, this CMS is used by approximately 75 million users. The number of page view each month reaches more than 23.6 billion. If you are among them or intend to join this giant group, you should take those advices into notice to have the better choice. There are a wide range of WordPress hosting options for you to choose from. So how can you know your right one?


1. Find a prestigious wordpress hosting providers among thousands of companies in the market

Hereafter are some important criteria for website hosting evaluation.

- Speed: Check the memory, processing power and disk space parameters (or RAM, CPUs, HDDs & SDDs) to ensure that all fit your need and it can handle your website traffic in all cases.

- Uptime: Almost providers may claim at 99.5% uptime or 99.99% uptime. So for the websites, such as branding or blog, etc. it may not make a significant impact on your business performance. But for ecommerce websites or the ones which have monetary transaction, it can become a concern. So read review carefully to be assured about what they promise.

- Support: Same as the “uptime” feature above. Support is important and really important even though it is a post-sale service. Let’s image that how much money you can lose if the website suffers from 5-minute downtime. Faster support, less detrimental loss.

- Extra service, such as management service helps you save much time and effort if you are on demand. Instead of recruiting a full-time administrator with high monthly salary, you can pay just a small sum of money for the management service. No worry about uptime or downtime anymore. No worry about maintenance or any other request. Management service will deal with it at low cost for you.

- Other features: Besides four most key criteria above, hereafter are some others that you may want to know: Offsite backup & recovery, caching to improve speed, Git version and physical locations of data centers.


2. Choose your most suitable hosting package: Shared Host, Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server.

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Base on different website requirement, you should choose different hosting package. Too big plan costs you much and you cannot utilize to its utmost. Too small plan is cheaper but can affect your business performance. Hereafter is the list of the most common hosting choices in the ascending order of performance, power and price as well: Shared hosting - Virtual Private Server - Dedicated Server. Put it in nutshell, In conclusion, dedicated server is recommended for big companies. Shared hosting plan is for the sites of which uptime is not too important. Of course, the most balanced and popular one is VPS.

You can refer to this article to know more about the difference between those plans: The high cost of wrong hosting plan choice.  


For Wordpress Shared host plan, VPSTrust offer you a FREE package with fundamental features for website optimal performance. 100 MB SSD Web space, 1 Mysql Database, 2GB monthly bandwidth and 1 administration email account. Even it is a free offer, we still make our best attempt to support you. No hidden or additional free. Seize it now and enjoy the best service totally free.


If you want to choose a best WordPress hosting but do not have time to make detailed research or installation job, feel free to contact VPSTrust team for support service. Our technical experts will help you choose a most suitable one for your specific demand and perform all necessary configuration actions. Just focus on their business growth, we care your website. Find more information about VPSTrust Web Service here.


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