Amazon is well propositioned in customers mind as a giant guys in e-commerce field in general or online book seller in particular. However, there is a trend for almost international companies to be grow as a multidisciplinary company, which operates in many industries. The stated trend is also true with Amazon. Even though they are famous for e-commerce platform, the giant participated in cloud web hosting market in 2006.

Amazon Web Service Review

Amazon Web Services or AWS in short is a web hosing service launched by, which supplies cloud platform or remote computing services for website and client-side applications. In other words, one of AWS main function is somehow similar to that of a hosting server. It offers wide range of infrastructure services, ranging from compute power to database storage and also allows your website content to be accessed by others online.

For AWS of Amazon, you do not need to build your own server, but deploy computing power from Amazon service so you can save effort and money. For your own Root server, of course, you need to build infrastructure and manage it. However, you have full control and web management with your house.


The balance between sophisticated structure and flexible adjustment is considered as the highlighted feature of Amazon AWS. Cloud Drive, Cloud Search, Dynamo Database, Elastic Compute Cloud, Elasti Cache, Simple Storage Service, etc. are diversified services of Amazon AWS, which helps you to upload multimedia resources, fully manage database or online backup and archive data online.


It seems alluring with a myriad of services and various functions, right? Please wait, do not easily be captured by stunning things. As we shared in one of our previous blog: The high cost of wrong hosting plan choice, whether one thing is good or not should be defined on the criteria of suitability. So is Amazon AWS suitable for you, a SME company?


On 28th February 2017, massive Amazon cloud service outage disrupts sites. Thousand of website in the United States and all over the world suffered from 4 hour of getting down. Netflix, Spotify, Pinterest, Buzzfreed and millions of other websites, which were using Amazon AWS experienced the accidents.

Amazon Web Service

It might be that Amazon is dealing with many things at once and they have to serve tons of big customers at the same time. In order to fulfill that mission, they need to place central hubs scattered around the world, namely in the Eastern USA, Western USA (two locations), Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. If there is any problem occurring in a region, disruption may happen with difficulty in identifying where that would be.

For a company which just focus on hosting service, they will have a better control over each central hubs then the reaction with accidents can be more efficient.


It is impossible to ensure no error or issue in technology field. For the safety, you should choose a hosting provider, which can promise and provide you with 24/7/365 support. Real experts in the field are able to take prompt action, address the issue and certainly solve problems. In VPSTrust, we not only focus on service quality with customer-centric principle, but also invest in support quality to bring satisfaction to each single client.

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