Life is full of unexpected things and events. No one is able to estimate what are waiting for them in the future. Therefore, it is highly possible for us to make mistake, opt for something wrong. Subsequently, negative issues may be consequence. Some people may appease you that failure is necessary stepping stone for you to grow. Learning from failure and do it again but better. Yes, it is so true and motivational. But you just should think of it after you fail, not before doing something.  

Similarly, unsuitable choices of web hosting plan may result in time, money and effort cost. If you have not been aware of it already, please have a look at our sharing in this article: The high cost of wrong hosting plan choice. Therefore, we would like to give you a sincere advise that thoughtful consideration should be made before purchasing a hosting server from any providers.

So what would you do if you made wrong decision. The solution will be shared in this article. Simply, as I mentioned before, let’s fix it and make a better choice. If you are using Shared Hosting, please keep an eye on the following indicators and take timely actions so that no harm is caused to your business.

 Alarming indicators

1. Downtime of website happens more frequently.

2. Traffic of website has reached more than 500 sessions and it shows a predictable trend to constantly increase in the future.

3. More or new works require confidential secured data.

4. Plan to increase the number of employees thereof larger email capacity is on demand.

5. Your business may launch multiple sites, blogs or applications.


If any of stated points is recognized, you should consider move your web hosting server from shared plan to Virtual Private Server. Or else, it may take a toll on your website performance, and business revenue in consequence. For virtual private server, you can feel more assured about fast speed and management service. Even though for who cannot see the above reasons, if you want to have larger capacity, higher speed and more security, you also can choos Virtual Private Server with a small difference in price.


Virtual Private Server, or VPS in abbreviation is a virtual machine, running its own copy of an operating system, and you may have super user-level access to that operating system instance and install almost any software that runs on that OS. It is somehow the strength combination of both Shared hosting and Dedicated server. VPS is more horsepower than shared hosting and requires less money and manage effort than Dedicated one. VPS unmanaged or managed is the first choice for a SME company or professional or medium sessions site which needs to be stable and secure.


Therefore, if you want to: Think Bigger - Get Secure and Fully Control your Website, let’s Run a managed VPS.

And if you want to run a Managed VPS, just choose VPSTrust - the prestigious provider which you can place your trust in. Name says it all. VPSTrust offers the lowest price for management service but offer you top security system and fastest access with multi-redundant connections. Real experts are always ready to manage your server so that you can focus on growing your business. All problems or issues will be solved immediately and in proper way. No risk can bother you or threaten your business.


We are here, if you want to scale up and tighten the security. Feel free to contact our team for consultation or support.

Find more information about VPSTrust Web Service here, which includes remote backup and server migration service.





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