There would be some providers in the market offer you free website hosting plan. If you are a suspicious man, you may start reckoning on its quality and wonder whether you should try them. Price is always equivalent to product or service value. So how is about the web hosting service quality if they give it free?

As usuals, almost companies make price basing on product or service valuation. However, the thought about identical relationship between price and quality becomes more and more common. It leads to tricky pricing technique of some companies. They try to push price up and use it as a signal for high-class product and service. In this case, price is not equivalent to real value. It exists another case when a company has its own competitive advantages. It can be cheap human resources, advantages of business scale, etc., which help them to reduce price and win more customers. Through two stated cases above, I would like to point out that all thoughts or theory can be true or wrong depending on different situations. It means that Free lifetime website hosting plan can be valuable.


When should you choose Free website hosting plan?

1. When you want to test service quality of a hosting provider

One of the most effective tip to test the quality of a hosting server is free trial. Using it to verify speed, security, support and other features. Free trial is the most trustworthy method because you are the one who test and check product advertising by yourself. In the era of marketing and advertising, some “marketers are liars”. Hosting server is an important decision because it involves much effort and time. Besides, you will be in long-term usage. Therefore, choosing a company which lets you try their hosting service for free may give you a hand in evaluating quality of different providers and make the best choice.

Free web hosting

2. Your website has modest number of traffic

It is not only for free trial purpose but for usage in long-term as well. In case your demand is humble and you may not need too complex website with powerful hosting server, free trial is the best option for you. You can utilize the offer that market providers actually give to their potential customers (who want to try and may purchase later).

There are also some companies, who give away free package for a certain number of customers as a thank-you gift to the community. If you are lucky enough, you may win their giveaways. For example: VPSTrust offers lifetime free hosting for around 90 customers in August and September. The package already includes Free SSL Certificate, more than 7000 functions, 100MB SSD Web space, 1 Mysql, 2GB monthly bandwidth. It has fundamental features for a simple website operation.

All are free and accompanied by no hidden cost. Everything is totally free for you. So if you only need a website with stated features and capacity, wait no more to use it.


3. You only need few email account

Small business or simple website only has one or two adminstrator, therefore, they do not need more email or FTP accounts. In this case, free website hosting can also be a choice for them. The more account you have, the more jobs you need to manage them. So if you do not need kind of sophisticated website and adminstration work, free website hosting is enough.


For some providers, they also allow you to upgrade directly from free package to paid package with more web space, number of email account, larger bandwidth and  database capacity. So it is worry-free if you want to move to more powerful hosting server.  

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