All know that it is essential to purchase a web hosting service so that your site can be accessible over the Internet. All talks about its function of storing, retrieving and delivering your product and business content to people all over the world. Many people advise you to choose a website hosting provider who is reliable to ensure security and able to supply your business with high-speed connection. However, just a few tell you which types of hosting plan you should choose.

A wrong decision may lead to a large amount of money wasted, resources redundancy and requires much effort to maintain unnecessary things. Another wrong choice may cause complicated issues when you have to migrate or moving server network. No matter how thoughtful you are, you cannot estimate the number of tasks you need to do. Data backup, network testing, item storage, destination database setting up and millions of other tasks involved. Therefore, VPSTrust will share with you the criteria to base on then opt for a type of hosting server for your business. It is not a story of the best things but the most suitable ones.

Let’s clear up with the basic categories of web hosting. It is impossible for you to choose if you do not know about available options. In actual, there are many ways to categorize website hosting. Basing on the criteria of used technology, hereafter there are three most common types, which are in the order of capability: Shared hosting, Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server.

(1) Shared Hosting Plan

Shared Hosting Plan is the cheapest website hosting plan. Of course, price will be equivalent with its capability. The category name says it all - Single server is shared by hundreds or thousands users.

Communal server certainly makes an adverse effect on your website performance. Sites may go down, the speed would be somehow slow due to the huge traffic driven to.

Just consider the plan if financial limitation is your main obstacle and uptime is not your huge concern.

(2) Virtual Private Server

In abbreviation form or common name, the category is called VPS Hosting, which is more powerful than the former plan. It is a virtual machine created on a physical server. To keep it simple, you can think of it as a shared environment but with limitation on users, scalable ability and more flexibility.

VPS is the most well-balance between Shared Hosting Plan & getting your own dedicated machine. It is developed from the idea of emulating dedicated servers to be more suitable with small & medium entrepreneurs. Actually, it is somehow as powerful as dedicated type but with low cheaper price.

VPSTrust is the hosting service provider who offers the reliable, fast web host but with amazingly low price. The price is just from $5.24 for a month with FREE VPS Panel and Monitor Apps. Moreover, with the desire to support and let you focus on growing your business, we provide full management service with the lowest price in the market. Best performance with the best price. Know more about our plan here.


(3) Dedicated Server

Please keep it on your mind if your site’s traffic reaches more than 100K sessions per month. It is the best secure web host plan. You have your own physical server and attain root account on a Linux computer. Root access entitle you to full control and great flexibility on your site. Other advantages of Dedicated Server is unsurpassed reliability, excellent speed and high stability.

Opportunity costs for those incomparable benefit are high price and administration resources to take care the server.

If you have a demand for Dedicated Server, VPSTrust would be the name that many people suggest you. It is valued as the most advanced Dedicated Servers located in the heart of the main european internet exchange point. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, DDos Protection, Free Panel & Uptime Monitor & SSL and 24x7 Support are all the time ensured for VPSTrust customers.

In conclusion, dedicated server is recommended for big companies. Shared hosting plan is for the sites of which uptime is not too important. Of course, the most balanced and popular one is VPS. Contact us, if you are finding a suitable plan for your website. Our sales team is always available and willing to support.

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