What is the importance of website trust or prestige in digital business environment? It becomes more and more crucial key for successful presence in the Internet. The number of online businesses has experienced a great leap recent years. Among those players, there are big name with integrity in business operation, however, there are many other blackhat websites, which try to deceive internet users or steal privacy information of online purchasers. People are aware of those privacy-violated accidents thanks to media, consequently, they become more cautious with online purchasing decision.

The fact leads to action of many businesses to enhance website security and trust as well. It can be gained from website hosting and enhanced with Secure Sockets Layer. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL in short is top popular solution which provides encrypted connection and establish trust with potential audiences. SSL is the principal security technology for an encrypted link between a website server and a browser. Data passed between browsers and servers will be kept private and integral with the assistance of the encrypted link that SSL establish. The method has been so popular that millions of websites are using it now. A certificate will be issued for those website then a green lock icon will be displayed in browser bar together with website address. This is considered as a signal for website which has high security protection.


In order to get this powerful green lock-key icon or enhance your website security, you need to work with a certification authority to acquire the certificate, which starts with a sending Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your server. There are two cryptographic keys - a Private Key and a Public Key. The mentioned encrypted connection is formed by the both cryptographic keys. The later one does not need to be placed into CSR. After validating your website, if it is qualified for SSL Certificate, the private key will be matched with. Once matching process finishes, an encrypted link between website server and browsers will be established to tighten website security and improve web trust as well. By clicking into the green lock icon, visitors will know more about website security details.


Free SSL Certification web host

Basing on different server hosting and certificate issuers, a specific instructions for installation and testing certificate will be given. But keep in mind that not all SSL certificates is valuable. Just the one from trusted organizations can help you on security and prestige enhancement. Those authority must be capable and audited against security and authentication standards.


You can validate the authority and create CSR on your server by yourself to achieve the SSL certificate. However, jobs can be more simple by using the hosting from the company which provides SSL Certificate together with their website hosting package. VPSTrust is one of the most trustable website hosting providers which offer you FREE SSL Certificate in all packages. Moreover, even though you have humble demand and our free plan is enough for your website, you can still enjoy SSL Certificate at no cost.


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Besides the support of SSL Certificates, in case you want to further strengthen your website security, let’s drop us a message and our support team will get back to you soon. VPSTrust is offering a wide range of website management service, which includes security improvement at a very best price. Our technical guru team is here for you to focus on your business. Find more information about VPSTrust Web Security Service here.


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