In the era of digital marketing, almost small companies leverage the power this cheap online tools to promote their businesses. In the most simple way, it can be a website, which helps you have a strong appearance and impression worldwide. Website is a cost-effective platform to acquire customers all over the world and build reliable brand images. Moreover, you can utilize some other digital channels such as social media, email or satellite sites to drive customers to your website and trigger off beneficial potential leads. Even though you possess a small online store or million-dollar online retailing business, a website is really crucial.

In order to build or maintain a website, business owner has to hire a web hosting service agency, which provides a server so that you website can be visible and accessible by other people. It is charged monthly, which is accounted as your monthly fee in financial report. Therefore, some small business may feel hesitate about building a website and paying this monthly sum.


Price and finance problem are for sure a factor that needs considering carefully if you want to maintain business in a long-term. You still need a powerful enough hosting to ensure proper operation: data storage, RAM, email accounts or technical support. In addition to, you should choose a reasonable-cost package or provider to save monthly cost. In this article, VPSTrust will introduce you top hosting providers for small businesses.


1. SiteGround

Monthly price starts at around $3.95, SiteGround is one of the top provider in website hosting. SiteGround provides multiple services, which can satisfied different demands: Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated server, Reseller hosting and Entreprise hosting. For each plan, they also have some packages, which are suitable for different website, ranging from Startup, Gobig to Gogeek.

There are some additional features or benefits, such as:

Free weebly site builder, daily backups, and CDN

Easy software installs and optimized server

Free Daily Backup

Test changes to your online store within the staging area

Visit SiteGround here

2. Blue Host  

Blue Host offers start at $2.95/month with free domain, free site builder and special support for Wordpress installation. They also promise on money-back guarantee in the period of 30 days. Similar to SiteGround, they have various service for different demand: Wordpress hosting, Woocommerce hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated server and Virtual Private Hosting. For small business, you should learn more about Shared Hosting, which is the most basic plan with around 50MB webspace. Or if you already have a website on Joomla or Wordpress base, you may keep an eye on specific hosting built for those CMS.


Visit BlueHost here


3. VPSTrust

In comparison with the two above companies, VPSTrust is a younger one, therefore, they provide customers with much more favorable offers whereas ensure high quality hosting service. Premium package start at $2.99 with 10 GB disk space, 200 GB monthly bandwidth together with unlimited database and email accounts. The most attractive idea is that they have FREE package with basic features so that small business can use without any hidden cost. For the FREE plan, you will have 100 MB SSD, 01 database, 2 GB monthly bandwidth and 1 email account. Free SSL Certificate is also provided to Free plan. Free package is applicable to General Hosting, Wordpress hosting and Joomla Hosting. Besides, VPSTrust also offer Virtual Private Server and Dedicated server for those who have more complex requirement.

Visit VPSTrust here


When you compare plans of different companies, do not jump at price and only price. Do not overlook other features that are accompanied by those prices. You need to consider other features in parallel with price to ensure that it is a reasonable price with the quality.

And one more advise: Currently, your business can be small and you may only need a humble hosting plan. But who knows its growth may occur soon. Therefore, it is better for you to choose a provider which allow you to scale up with ease.

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