Last month, VPSTrust shared with you Top 5 FREE plugins for your website security. The article will be much useful for those who are using Wordpress CMS. Besides, Joomla! is also one of the most popular CMS in the world. I have shared with VPSTrust blog readers that Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a balance choice between Shared Host and Dedicated Server for its capability and requirement. Similar, Joomla can be considered as a CMS in between Wordpress and advanced Drupal. If you want to find a CMS, which is both comprehensive and unsophisticated, let’s take Joomla into account.

Joomla! is an open source, which is quite simple to install and work script on server. A giant source of free tutorial and extensions will provide you with great assistance in empowering your website performance. With built-in basic SEO functionality, Joomla satisfies current demand about search engine optimization and helps bring more traffic to sites.


For security matters, Joomla community always release updated version to ensure the high level of security and help website run smoothly. However, no one can guarantee free risk for a technology platform. This is the reason why we encourage you to tighten security with:

  • Basic tips for all types of CMS

  • Free Joomla security extension

Joomla Web Security Extension

1. Basic tips for all types of CMS

No matter types of CMS you are using, hereafter are some basic principles that you should keep in mind to ensure a solid base.

Rule no 1. High security Password

Rule no 2. Stay up to date

Rule no 3. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

Rule no 4. High security hosting server, such as VPS or Dedicated Server

For more detailed information about above tips, please read about previous sharing: 04 dead-easy tips to protect your website.


2. Free Joomla Security Extension

Another efficient method to enhance website security and reduce risk potentials is installing security extension.


Akeeba Backup

Joomla Security Extension

Akeeba Backup is the most widely used extension for Joomla website with approximately 100/100 review point. It plays a role of one-click-backup, site transfer and site deploying. Archives can be restored on any Joomla-capable host. It works well when you need to transfer site between hosts, subdomains or from local host, such as MAMP for Mac, XAMPP for MS.  

For Akeeba Backup, almost users do not need support from real person because product is so simple and good.

Download Akeeba Backup FREE


Security Extension Admin Exile

As usual, you just need to add “administrator” at the end of your website URL to access backend of Joomla website. With AdminExile, you are able to make a unique link, which is confidential for your internal team. AdminExile also has advanced IP Security function and Brute Force detection. Notification will be delivered via email right away if it shows a signal of strange IP.

Download AdminExile


Marco's SQL Injection

Joomla Security Marci SQL Injection


This extension is highly recommended to Joomla site, which wants to protect against SQL injection and LFI (local files inclusion) attacks. One of the most MArco’s SQL Injection’s highlighted advantages is user-friendliness. Few steps and easy installation are reviews of the extension users. With Marco’s SQL Injection, all data sent to your site will be filtered and it will hijack any potential attacks and exploits if found.

Download Marco’s SQL Injection



JHack Guard Security Extension

Developed by SiteGround, jHackGuard intercepts your website against SQL Injections, Remote URL/File Inclusions, Remote Code Executions and XSS Based Attacks. It checks all data then proceeds security duty by blocking potential threats attacking your site. You can set the “disabled status” for authenticated administrators so that extension function does not affect the admin jobs.  

Download jHackGuard

If you are really serious about website security issue, please consider all of our suggestion above, including password setting, web hosting server choice (VPS or Dedicated), HTTPS and check above recommended extensions.

If you want to save time and effort on security improvement or security Joomla extension installation, feel free to contact VPSTrust team for support service. Our technical experts will help you choose a suitable extension, which match your demand and perform all necessary installation & configuration actions. Just focus on their business growth, we care your website. Find more information about VPSTrust Web Service here.


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