E-commerce website means selling and buying transaction carried on website. Money paying decision happens right in digital environment. For some other types, website can serve a function of branding, information provision or news update, therefore their mission are not as serious as an e-commerce one. Convincing information display, fast speed host, convenient checkout process, high security for payment, and many other small but important duties must be optimized constantly through the time to reduce abandonment rate. Hence e-commerce website is always a big challenge with all parties, including website developer, website design and system admin.

For the ultimate purpose of high conversion rate of e-commerce website, VPSTrust would like to share with you top 5 essential principles.


1. Fast loading speed

It will certainly take some steps so that customers or website visitors can make final purchasing decision and checkout. Each page hides the potential of abandonment. Put it another way, visitors may leave you at each page they are driven to. The more steps required, the higher possibility of page quit. One of the most common reason is loading speed. No one wants to wait. There are thousands providers outside there, it is not difficult for them to choose another one and try another page. So don’t make them wait for too long.

In order to ensure high speed of website, you should consider the following advise:

- Choose proper hosting. We would advise Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server rather than Shared Hosting. If you want to know more about the reason, please read more about The high costs of wrong hosting plan choice.

- Start with solid framework

- Optimize image size, file or database

- Choose effective theme/template and plugin/extension


2. Security emphasis

Security always stays in the list of top of e-commerce website issues. Your customers must need to fill in many information with highly credential level of privacy. Therefore, security, security and security is the point that you MUST emphasize.

When you use Shared Hosting, it is a little bit more risky than Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server because you need to share your house with many unknown neighbors. So please consider VPS or Dedicated Server if you run an e-commerce website.

For payment plugin or extension, read carefully product description and review to ensure high level of security.  

ecommerce web security

3. Clear desired user path

Visitors may go through homepage, product detailed page, checkout and confirmation page. Or of course, there would be another path. It totally depends on your business purpose. But no matter what desired behavior flow, you must be well aware about that to design efficient information together with focused call-to-actions.


4. Meticulous UX design

Website design affects customer behavior much more than you can know. Not just only big matters like layouts but also many other small factors like color, the position of a button, etc. can have a great effect on website conversion. If you have not trusted me yet, let’s carry a test with two versions of website, which have only 1 small difference, you will see.

ecommerce UX website

5. Influential Call-to-action

Call-to-action is the main tool to direct customers through a process. Whether or not they will keep going with you or leave depends much on call-to-action. Constant, Exact and Friendly content are three main criteria. Besides, you should combine it with visual elements to produce resonance between verbal and visual effect.


In conclusion, an e-commerce website owner should take into consideration both basic and complex factors, both small and big elements. Optimization through the time is also necessary action. You have a strong base thanks to right web hosting server choice, good theme and plugin. But if you do not take care the home in right way, all go wrong.




If you want to build an ecommerce website but encounters many queries together with  potential headache issues, feel free to contact our support team. VPSTrust is providing a wide range of website management service. Our crew of technical experts will help you solve all your issues and let you focus on your business growth. Find more about our web management service here.




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