Shared hosting is one of top 3 most popular website hosting choices together with Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server. In consideration of financial ability and website requirement, users may find the most suitable plan for them among many hosting service providers all around the world. In the order of features and capacity, Shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated server is accordingly chosen basing on some parameters such as RAM, Web space, Bandwidth or the number of admin account and support guarantee.

 VPS and Dedicated server, for sure, have more powerful features and capacity. Using those plans, you do not need to share your host with many or any other strange users. It helps ensure uptime and especially security. However, almost current users are using shared host. It is the most popular choice in the world of Internet connection. So why do they choose and keep using a poor-functioned service? Some decisions are right but some are wrong.


When you should use Shared Host

Shared Host is the cheapest and simplest website hosting plan. If your website does not require tight security, 99.99% uptime guarantee and there would be small number of traffic on site, you can choose Shared Host. It helps you ensure website performance whereas saving cost.


When you should move from Shared Host to Unmanaged VPS or even higher plans

Low operational cost and high profit are the ultimate goals of almost all businesses. However, if you just focus on short-term vision and do everything to cut cost then increase net revenue, you may miss many opportunities that may lead to great leap.




If your bandwidth usage is high and there are some signals about website slow speed, it is about time for you to consider website hosting server plan change. Virtual Private Server, called VPS, can be the first plan that you should take into account. The price difference is not too large but you can be more assured about performance. More flexibility without stretching your budget to dedicated server is its outstanding advantages. Besides, unmanaged VPS still provide you with an environment to test and develop your own web hosting.


Hereafter is the infographic from the Internet source, which you can take reference to know more about those plans and make right decision.



In order to optimize profit and business performance, choose your most suitable hosting service plan. Shared Host, Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server must be carefully considered.


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