Shared Hosting bandwagon is the most basic choice for an individual or business to make his website online so that everyone can access to. Some people who do not have enough knowledge may jump on Shared Hosting Plan when they need to satisfy the stated demand. For some first thoughts and inconsiderate assessment, you may be attracted by Shared host’s captivating pros. Wait! Do not be trapped, shared hosting is not for everyone and you may be among of them. Let me help you get the whole picture. Good choice is a suitable one. Please remember, it must be “suitable”.


Virtual Private Server


1. Advantages of Shared Hosting:

  • Website hosting is not free, of course, you need to pay a sum of money. And it charges you monthly. Overall, shared host price is quite low in comparison with others.

  • Technical maintenance is another point. You hire a house so you need to take care of it. But with share hosting, you do not need to do that, no Linux administration is required.

  • Share Host is easy to use. All you need to do is uploading your web-based system and just configure on the instruction.


2. Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

When it comes to imperfect points, you should be aware about it as well.

  • Security: Share Hosting means sharing rooms with many other websites. It implies potential of security risks. Whereas secured web host is really essential for a website.

  • Speed: The fact that hundreds or even up to thousands website sharing a server with you may leads to low load speed. In consequence, conversion rate of website is certainly affected.

  • Limited Control: No full control is granted for you to manage your server or website performance.

Support or SSL Certificates are some other issues. Hope that now you get the reasons why I give you alarm about shared hosting choice.


VPSTrust wants to share with you more than that common information. Do you want to know about another hosting choice that can solve all disadvantages of Shared Hosting but maintain all  advantages? Virtual Private Server with Management service is created to fulfill this mission.


Virtual Private Server - VPS

VPS and Web Host

In abbreviation form, people always call it Managed VPS, which comprise VPS Solution and Management Service. VPS is a plan with the capability in between of Shared Host and Dedicated Server. VPS performance is so great with the ability to eliminate all inconvenience of shared host:

  • High security

  • Fast loading speed

  • Full website control

Additionally, Management Service will clear out all headache issues related to technical problems, maintenance effort or Linux administration skills.

Perhaps, you are wondering about its price, are you? To enjoy this kind of powerful hosting, you may pay far higher cost than Share Host. Yes, it is true with many hosting solution companies in the market but not totally true with VPSTrust.


VPSTrust is a prestigious provider in Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS), which helps you attain full website control without depending on or sharing with others or suffering from annoying features of Shared Host. VPS Hosting of VPSTrust is trusted for high speed performance, top security system and least effort required with the philosophy of “The 3 Clicks Hosting Company”. We provide top-high-quality product but with LOW Price. More than that, it is not only “Low Price”, VPSTrust is proud to cater you with LOWEST Price for Managed VPS. Our global corporation pursues the philosophy of a new way to think and work on the World Wide Web. And great managed VPS with low price is the way we solve the problem of shared host.


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