Have you ever heard about a race of web hosting solution? It can be a chase of speed, security and stability. What else are you looking for? Yes, of course, we must also mention here price and effort required. Let’s imagine that you are going to watch and enjoy a spectacular racing between two big hosting service players. They are: Managed Virtual Private Server (or Managed VPS in short) and Shared Hosting.

And I am an arbitrator. If you can play a bet now, which one will you choose? Managed VPS or Shared Hosting. In reality, you have to pay to use those web hosting service. Therefore, it can be a real game, real venture. The money you pay for the game is also the money you pay for a hosting plan. If you make a wrong decision in a game, you may lose ony money. But if you make a wrong decision in reality, higher price will be charged.

For safer choices, VPSTrust will share with you the difference between Managed VPS and Shared Hosting. Sufficient information and knowledge will give you a hand in proper option making.


(1) The race of speed

- Shared Host: Shared Host means sharing the same bandwidth with many other websites. The number reaches around 500 or even 1000 servers. Therefore, your website speed cannot be stable. Sometimes, it is really fast. But sometimes, it can suffer from downtime.

- Managed VPS: Virtual Private Server gives you a separate hosting server, which ensures high speed almost the time. According to a research, the fast web loading speed of shared hosting can reach around 7 seconds but that of VPS is only 3 seconds.

Besides, VPS Hosting with management service ensures all incurred issue solved right time so that the situation of downtime website will not occur.

(2) The race of security

- Shared Host: As I mentioned above, shared host is sharing host with others. You live in the same house with many people, which obviously results in the risk of security issue. No information about the ones who share server with you. If their website has problem of security or even is hacked, do not expect that your website is safe.

- Managed VPS: Almost no worry about security with VPS Hosting and Totally no worry about security with Managed VPS Hosting. For VPS, you live alone in your own house. For managed VPS, you also have a safeguard for your private house. Just take a deep sleep and save energy for your business growing.


(3) The race of price

- Shared Host: Everybody knows that shared host may have the lowest price among all hosting plan just because it is the most basic one (lowest capability in feature and power). The price is only around $3.99 or $5.99 for a month.

- Managed VPS: With no doubt, VPS wins in the race of speed and in the race of security as well. There is no reason for a lower price, right? With other providers, the price of VPS may be far more expensive. However, VPSTrust pursues the philosophy of saving for customers so we provide almost the same price with Shared Host.  In the race of price, the difference is not considerable.

(4) The race of effort required

- Shared Host: Basic choice is a simple choice. Hardly effort is required to manage or control hosting server.

- Managed VPS: The features of VPS are much better than Shared Host, which equips your website with higher power to perform and convert sales. Therefore, attempt or technical knowledge is required to maintain. It is the minus point of VPS. Being aware of this disadvantage, VPS Hosting with Management service is initiated to clear out the barrier. Management service is an additional part, which is ‘invented’ for VPS to win in this race once again.

VPSTrust is a prestigious provider in Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server, which help you attain full website control without depending on or sharing with others.  All supplied solution is well developed to ensure the following compulsory criteria:

  • High speed loading website

  • Top security system

  • Least effort required with the philosophy of “The 3 Clicks Hosting Company”

AND Top-high-quality product but with LOW Price. It is not only “Low Price”, VPSTrust is proud to cater you with LOWEST Price for Management VPS.


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